About The Organiser


The Malaysian Urological Association (MUA)

The year 1974 represented a major milestone in the development of Urology in Malaysia – it marked the opening of the Institute of Urology and Nephrology, and the formation of the Malaysian Urological Association (MUA). Both these organisations were to share a common bond through the years, via the key proponents who were involved in their establishment.

Aims and objectives of MUA:

  1. To advance the art and science of Urology.
  2. To cultivate and maintain the highest principles of urological practice and ethics.
  3. To promote and encourage the development and practice of Urology in the country.
  4. To encourage postgraduate training in Urology at the hospitals and elsewhere and to provide for the holding of classes, lectures and meetings and other means of instructing members and others in the science and art of Urology.
  5. To promote research in Urology and in any other related branch of science or learning for the purpose of improving the practice of Urology.
  6. To establish cordial relationships with similar Urological and other bodies in other countries.

The Urological Association of Asia (UAA)

The UAA was founded in August 1990 in Fukuoka, Japan. Its main objective is to promote Urology in Asia and to improve the care of Urology patients in the region, which has 60% of the world's population. Originally an association of individual members, it was restructured to become an association of member associations so as to achieve its goals in more cost-effective ways. However, a decision has recently been taken to again initiate individual membership in order to promote a sense of belonging among the members. Currently, the UAA has 24 member associations and one affiliated member association and welcomes more member associations to join.

Over the past 25 years, the UAA has gained international recognition of its modest achievements with the support of all its members and the executive committee. It looks forward to more important tasks ahead to achieve its objective of bringing better urological care to patients in Asia.

Aims and objectives of UAA:

  1. To promote urology in Asia together with every Asian urological association.
  2. To narrow the gap in standard care and urological training.
  3. In the long term, to keep improving care of patients and training in urology.